Bridal jewelry, guidelines to accessorizing

There are so many beautiful choices for bridal jewelry. I love this part!!!

Don't be scared can get some really great looking inexpensive jewelry that will look beautiful with a wedding dress.

I know taste tends to be much more than my budget this helps me get the look I am going for without having to dish out tons of cash.

But hey...if you can afford the real thing...go for it!

Your choice of jewelry and your wedding dress should complement one another nicely. If you have a somewhat traditional bridal gown, perhaps you could go with more of an understated elegance look, rather than a bold look.

A classic look would be something along the lines of a simple jeweled necklace and some nice dangling earrings (not huge hoops).

Or maybe a beautiful pearl necklace with a matching pearl bracelet and pearl earrings...again something elegant and understated.

If you have a hot trendy wedding gown, then you could perhaps pull off the more bold jewelry.

Your jewelry should not compete with your dress, but rather compliment it!!

Make sure you don't go the other way could be to small and not hold enough weight visually.

It's a balance that can be achieved just keep trying until they combine to give you the look you are going for.

I would suggest, if possible, to print off a picture of your dress so that you can have that with you when you are shopping for your will help you make at least an initial judgement of if they go together or not.

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