How to look stunning on your wedding day with your selection of bridal attire!

Do you find most of your energy going towards choices for bridal attire?

There are so many things to think about when it comes to making sure you look stunning on your wedding day:

• What shape gown and color should I wear?
• How long of a train or should I go with no train?
• What should I wear for shoes?
• What should I wear for accessories?
• Where should I shop?

For me, I want my look to be “me” and not someone out of a fashion magazine...but I want to look beautiful too...and be COMFORTABLE!

Your decisions on bridal attire should correspond to how formal of an event you are planning.

For instance...which style of dress do you think more of when you think beach wedding: a form fitting mermaid style wedding gown with lots of lace and embellishments OR a sleeveless empire waist dress that flows with the wind?

Same goes for shoes too...If you are having a church ceremony, you most likely would not show up wearing flip-flops! You get the idea...

Where to shop

I recommend David’s Bridal by the Maine Mall when it comes to shopping for wedding dresses and bridal party dresses. They are wonderful to work with and don’t get offended if you don’t buy everything from them!

Feel free to scroll to the bottom to see what others have to say about the bridal shops they have worked with or leave a review or recommendation of your own!

Putting your look together

The following links will take you to additional information that will be helpful in putting your look together:

Understanding wedding dress styles
Designing a custom made wedding dress
Choosing the right wedding shoes
Accessorizing with jewelry


• Look for pictures of dresses online to see what styles you are drawn to.
• Try on different dress styles…what you like may not look good with your body shape.
• Shop by yourself to pick out some top choices and then bring in your bridal party and maybe your mother to get their opinions.

Tidbit: It is perfectly acceptable to where white for a second wedding!

Maine bridal shop owners, create a listing here!

Share the details of your business...what you do, how you do it, what sets your company apart from the rest?

Just create a short title for your listing, click the link to open the rest of the form and start typing away! Then upload some photos or graphics!

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