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Wedding planning is needed no matter how big or small you want your wedding.

The fact that you know whether you want a small or large wedding is planning! See, you are planning already!

Key planning decisions to get out of the way first:

Your first very important step before you even begin planning the details for the big day is to decide on a date for your wedding.

Everyone that you talk to is going to ask...when are you getting married? Have you settled on a date? It is nice to be able to answer that question. If you can’t give a definite answer, at least the month you’re thinking of will help.

Your next step to take before you start shopping for places to have your ceremony and reception and picking out your wedding dress is to come up with a reasonable budget!

Using how to create a wedding budget will help give you a list of costs to be thinking about to start this budgeting process.

The last key decision is to decide how many guests you want to have. Do you want a small and intimate wedding? Do you want a very large and grand wedding with many wedding guests?

Creating a wedding guest list will help you create the list of the people you want to invite. The number of guest will directly relate to the cost of the wedding...the more people there...the more mouths to feed!

It is a good idea to get a jump on the guest list early because it will be important when looking at venues.

Planning the details:

Detailed wedding planning can start with...who will be your wedding attendants? Not only will they be standing proudly next to you at your ceremony…these people will be very helpful in getting through the many tasks and decisions that you will be making.

Reference for wedding attendant's duties will help you with understanding the attendant roles and typical duties they help with.

Creating a wedding checklist is going to be very useful to help you stay on task and understanding the timeline on when certain tasks should be performed.

In all of your planning, you will also want to consider if there is any general theme that you may be interested.

Does a beach wedding theme interest you? Check out these beach wedding ideas for some fantastic ways to tie in the beach theme to your wedding planning.


• The earlier you start planning, better chance you will have at getting the vendors and venues that you want.
• Register somewhere, or a few places, for a wedding registry to help your wedding guests purchase items that you both would like to receive.
• Focus on the more important things and don’t get too stressed on those items that are not so important to you.

Tidbit: Murphy’s law will disrupt even the best laid out plans, expect the unexpected!

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