Wedding invitations made easy!

There is so much to figure out when it comes to wedding invitations in addition to the obvious question of where to purchase them...

• What style should I get
• How should they be worded
• How do I address the envelopes
• How do I package all the pieces

No worries! I am here to help you along.

First, choose a style:

The style of your invitations along with how they are worded will give your wedding guests a glimpse of what to expect at your wedding.

For a very formal wedding, you can convey the sense of formality by sending elegantly styled invitations with your envelopes addressed in a calligraphy styled handwriting.

On the other hand, to convey that your wedding is very informal you can simply print invitations off a computer and say something like come party with us with funny figures on them!

Once you have determined the look and feel for your invitations...

Next, determine the wording:

You can get really creative and let your personality shine with this step.

Just make sure to not forget any of the important facts by reviewing these wording tips.

Next on the list, order your invitations:

When you place your order for you wedding invitations, you will need to indicate the number of invitations and if there are any additional “pieces” you would like to order.

The necessary "pieces" would be:

• the wedding invitations
• inner and outer envelopes
• response cards
• response card return envelopes

The other additional items that you may need to order are:

• Ceremony cards – used to allow admittance if ceremony is in a public place
• Pew cards – identifies people that will be seating in “reserved seating” areas
• Reception cards – if the reception is located at a different venue than the ceremony
• Thank-You notes – obvious on this one
• Announcements – announces your wedding to those that didn’t make the invite list

I definitely recommend paying extra to have your response card envelopes pre-printed with the name address of who will be receiving them!!

Make sure that you order extras!!! I know we all like to think we are perfect and won’t mess up...but just in case!

Yeah, now you have received your invitations back in the mail!!! Make sure to review them to make sure they are correct.

Assemble and address your invitations...

Once you have all your items together, the tedious part of assembling your invitations and addressing the envelopes comes.

It helps to have your bridal party's assistance on this one...especially if you are having a large wedding!

Typically you will use Black ink to address your envelopes and also will need lots of stamps so that you can apply a stamp for the outer envelope as well as for your return envelopes.

Help with addressing your wedding invitations can be found here
Help with assembling your invitations can be found here.

Lastly, mail your invitations:

You will want to mail your invitations when you have about two months left before your wedding...somewhere around six to eight weeks to allow enough time to get the responses back.

Caution: Depending on the weight of the invitations, you may need to purchase additional stamps to cover the extra cost, so make sure you check with your local post office prior to mailing them.


• It is ok to follow up with people towards the end if you don’t receive all responses back.
• When ordering invitations online try to go with a site that sends samples.

Tidbit: Don’t take it personally if some people decline, they may already have plans.

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