Bridal makeup, looking great for your wedding!

There are two schools of thought on bridal can either have your makeup done for you OR you can purchase your own makeup and either do it yourself or have a friend help you.

I prefer to purchase great makeup and do it myself or have a friend help me. This is what I will be doing for my wedding.

With a really good skin care routine and good makeup, you can get a professional look at home and still have the product to be able to be able to use for a long period of time...get that special look for maybe a hot date with your new hubby!

Or you can take it with you on your honeymoon so that you will look great for all the fancy places that you may go.

In the right hand column you will find various graphic links to makeup and skin care companies that carry high quality products to help you get a great professional look.

Tips for getting a perfect look on your wedding day:

• Start with a clean face and absolutely apply a moisturizer and make up primer which will help you keep that fresh made up look a lot longer.
• Choose makeup that will enhance your features, but no be too should look close to natural. Exception to that is an evening wedding where it is ok to go a bit bolder on your color selection, such as smoky eyes and darker eye shadows and lipstick.
• Use a liquid foundation (not too heavy though) applied all over your face including your eyelids and under your eyes then use a powder that is brushed on with a large brush.
• Apply a slight color of blush blended well so there are no visible lines
• Highlight your eyes with liner applied very close to the lash line (black or brown) and eye shadow using muted colors
• Highlight your lips with a lip liner and lipstick or lip stain. It is ok to go with deeper colors as long as the rest of your makeup is of the muted tones.
• For day weddings try not to use foundation and powder with too much sparkle because of the reflection of the sun...try to stay with matte finishes.

Some products to help you out!

Super natural skin: Click Here!

Cure for dark eye dark circles: Click Here!

Learn how to apply makeup: Click Here!

There, you are ready to impress your man and look beautiful in your pictures with your perfectly applied bridal makeup! Smile!

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