5 easy steps to free advertising for Maine wedding vendors and venues!

Brides and grooms are searching the for you...Maine wedding vendors and venues for their wedding here in Maine.

Help them find you by listing on my site which includes a full web page all to yourself, free!

The more sites that mention you, the better chances are that you will be found.

My site is very new (early 2011) and I included a few Maine businesses that I knew about when creating my site.

I am allowing Maine wedding vendors and venues to list for free while I build up my web traffic.

Get started with these 5 easy steps:

1. Choose a category from the below list (if you don’t find a category that suits your needs, use the About me page to send me a message requesting I add it)

2. Scroll to the section of the page where you can submit an entry and enter the following information as your title: City, State – Company Name (example Portland, ME – My Company).

3. Click the link to expand the form and enter your listing information.

Include all of the details about your company, what you offer, what sets you apart from the rest of your competition and any other special details that you would like people to know about your company. You can even include your web address and phone number if you would like.

4. Upload 1 – 4 pictures or graphics.

5. Click the submit button.

What do I ask in return?

• You submit a listing that will contain a minimum of 300 words. Take this opportunity to really expand on details of the services that your company provides.
• You upload at least one photograph or other graphic with your submission.
• You link to your new page or at least one other page of my site from your site (if you have one).
• You share this information with other wedding related business owners that you know.

Note: these are general guidelines and I do not enforce them!

That is it! The five step process costs you nothing except about 10 - 15 minutes of your time...most of that is creating the details of your listing.

Why list here?

• You will be creating a unique web page just for you that people can find from searching the internet.
• You can refer your customers to your page where they can rate your submission and add comments of their own.
• You can link to your page from your website to show your customers “what others have said”.
• You can include as many words as you would like and up to 4 pictures or graphics!
• And for you...all of this is FREE!

Categories of Maine wedding vendors and venues:

Please don't be shy! You may be the first to list!

Even if I wrote about you or your company already, feel free to submit an official listing so you can take advantage of the rating and comments feature to get the "word of mouth" recommendations!

Wedding Cakes
Wedding Caterers
Wedding DJs
Wedding Florists
Wedding Photographers
Wedding Transportation Companies

Indoor venues for weddings and receptions
Outdoor venues for weddings and receptions

If you offer both indoor and outdoor options, feel free to list on the one you mostly want to be known for or submit a listing for each!

Thanks for considering listing here!!

Your submission helps us both...I help you with free advertising and you help me by give my readers what they are looking for...Maine wedding vendors and venues to check out for their Maine wedding!

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