Thinking about losing weight for your wedding?

If you are considering losing weight for your wedding, do it for yourself and only if you are overweight for your height.

I know that you want to look good for your wedding, but there is such a thing as a healthy weight, so keep that in mind.

I will share my secrets to how I lost 26 pounds and got back down to my healthy weight for my height. Feel free to scroll to the bottom to read what others have shared for stories or share an inspirational story of your own!

My secret to success

I used two different methods to lose weight, diet and exercise.

First, the exercise beginning in mid-December:

Since it looked like fun and I like to dance, I ordered the Zumba product and it included several CD's, one of which was a learning CD to help you with the moves...and a meal plan. I started to include the meal plan on January 1st, 2011. I lost approximately ten pounds by the end of February.

Losing weight doing Zumba is fun and this was the first meal plan where I did not feel hungry!

It took me getting up every morning and working out before getting ready for work. I had to set my alarm to at least a half hour or 45 minutes earlier so that I would get my workout in. I just kept that thought of wanting to look good in my wedding dress as my inspiration.

The serious diet began March 1st:

Since I am guilty of wanting instant gratification...I wanted to lose more weight quicker.

So the second thing I did was the Slim Me One – YP10 program. I lost 16 pounds in 30 days. I warn you...this program is not for the faint at heart...losing weight with this plan is REALLY tough.

You take an herbal supplement before each meal and make all of your meals. You have to follow the program EXACTLY as it is written out. The meals during the 28 day "period" are about 500 calories...if that...I swear!

I truly don’t know the actual calorie count since you don’t count calories...but when you look at what you are eating...there really isn’t much in an apple, a couple cups of lettuce or 100 grams of protein (chicken or 96% beef) and those sorts of foods.

They recommend that you actually do not work out during doing the plan unless you are well established in a workout routine. So, I stopped doing my Zumba.

One other also drink a TON of water during the day – a gallon of water at least!!

After almost making it to the end (within the last week)...I caved in and started drinking my coffee again and snuck in some treats like cake.

I have maintained my weight with a gain of about 5 pounds since then and it is now mid June 2011. I have about 10 to 15 pounds more to go and I will have met my goal.


• Only lose weight if you truly need to by evaluating your BMI.
• There is no magic pill; losing weight takes hard work and perseverance.
• Never lose weight to impress anyone but yourself.

Tidbit: You need to learn to love yourself before you can love another person.

Have an inspirational weight loss story?

Are you in the process of losing weight for your wedding? How are you staying on track? What plan are you using if any? What is your motivation?

You can even make your submission anonymous if you wish!

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