Beach theme weddings, look to these Maine beaches for inspiration!

Beach theme weddings can be so interesting! There is so much you can do to incorporate the natural elements into every detail of your wedding!

Where Maine's coastline meets the sea is the perfect spot to find inspiration and to have your ceremony!

I will provide you some details about our beautiful local beaches that would be perfect for your beach theme wedding.

You can also read about real beach wedding stories below or submit your own real wedding story!

Nature has created a wide variety of beautiful beaches here in Maine that are ideal for beach weddings...we have soft sandy beaches all the way to just rocks and ledge.

OK, first let's find the perfect beach for you!

First up...York County. If you are thinking of a traditional Maine beach wedding in the soft sand, these locations may be for you!

This is the most southern part of the state. It is very convenient for out of state folks since the beaches are relatively easy to get to...and of aren't traveling for hours on end up the coast of Maine!

Visit our beautiful beaches located in York County.

Next is Cumberland county; which is the next county north. If you are considering some place picturesque with rocky cliffs or a pebble covered beach for your Maine beach wedding, this area may be suited for you!

Visit these beaches in Scarborough.
Visit these beaches in Cape Elizabeth.

As you can see, Maine offers quite the diverse backdrop for creating that memorable day!

Tie your theme together:

Beach theme weddings wouldn't be complete without tying it all together with the reception!

For your wedding cake you can ask your baker to make edible decorations that are formed to look like shells or even decorations of what looks like sand!

Your decorations could include sea shells, starfish and sea glass.

The table centerpiece could include little mini metal pails or other nautical elements filled with sand and a candle on top.

Even your wedding favors could be made with little miniature sand pails with an umbrella in them.


In Maine, some beaches came become quite narrow at high tide, so it is a good idea to keep the tide schedule in mind. To help you plan your Maine beach wedding around this if needed, I have linked to the Southern Maine tide chart.

In the evenings around dusk, the mosquitos in summer can become quite ferocious! Keep that in mind for evening weddings!

There is a lot more of Maine's coastline to explore. Maine's coastline is approximately 3500 miles long excluding islands! So who knows...maybe I might make it all the way up the coast eventually!

Tidbit: Being one with nature is good for the soul!

Share YOUR real beach theme wedding story

Whether you were married in Maine or some place far away...we want to hear about your story!

Where did you get married?
Did you have both your ceremony and reception there?
How did you tie in the elements of the beach to the rest of the details?
And pictures...we need to see those gorgeous pictures!!!

It is so easy and you can remain anonymous if you wish.

Just create a short title for your story, click the link to open the rest of the form and start typing away! You can also upload some photos if you wish!

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