Wedding ceremony ideas to get you started on the right path!

Here you will find information to keep in mind when investigating different wedding ceremony ideas to help you plan a perfect ceremony!

Wedding ceremonies have been being performed for thousands of years. The ritual performed in front of few or many where two separate individuals pledge to become one under matrimony.

Key information to keep in mind when assessing different wedding ceremony ideas:

• Ceremony type
• Formality
• Location
• Ceremony details
• Music

Ceremony types

• Religious ceremonies – typically held at your place of worship and officiated by a leader there. It is best to check with your local place of worship on the specifics of process and to have any questions answered.
• Civil ceremonies - Can take place anywhere from city hall, a courthouse, a beach to the location of your reception...there is a lot of flexibility. This ceremony is typically officiated by a Justice of the Peace. The service is generally very quick and to the point!

Formalness of your ceremony

How formal are you looking for your ceremony to be? Is this your first wedding and you would like it to be extremely formal? Do you just want a small beachside ceremony with just a couple of friends?

You can use this guide, understanding the different levels of formality to help you make a decision.

Ceremony location

You will need to choose where you would like to have your ceremony. You may choose your local place of worship or similar location...or maybe an outside venue or reception hall.

To help you with thinking of unique wedding ceremony ideas, you view what Maine has to offer for venues by using the navigation buttons on the right and check out our local beaches, outside venues and reception halls.

Ceremony details

Some details of your wedding ceremony can be customized, like your vows and readings. Make sure you check with your wedding officiant first though so that you know exactly what parts can be tailored which parts cannot.

Writing your own vows allows you as a couple to pledge what you want to each other can make the ceremony very personal. There are no right or wrong words for this, just think about what you want to promise to one another.

Last detail here, who will walk you down the aisle? This is traditionally the father of the bride...but some women choose a brother or other close male friend.

Ceremony music

Choosing your ceremony music might be the hardest task! I know it is for me.

You need to choose the music for:

• What your guests will be listening to prior to the beginning of the ceremony (the prelude).
• What you want playing while your wedding party marches down the aisle.
• What you want playing when YOU walk down the aisle.


Choose an inexpensive location for your ceremony if you want your ceremony location separate from your reception location since you may have to pay for both!

Your religious leader may be able to perform your ceremony at a location other than your place of worship, just ask.

Tidbit: Don’t sweat the small stuff!

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