Add a romantic feel to your wedding with flowers using one of these Maine wedding florists!

You don’t have the creative talent or patience to make your own floral arrangements?

Wedding florists are so talented and will completely free you from this unneeded stress!

I have four wedding florists that I have had experiencing work with. At the bottom you can review other florist listings that have been submitted!

Update for July 4, 2011: Maine wedding business owners see how you can advertise here free!

What floral arrangements do I need?

Here is a list of the typical floral needs for a standard wedding:

• Bridal bouquet and extra bouquet to toss
• Maid of honor and brides maid bouquets
• Best man and groomsmen boutonnieres
• Mother of the bride and Mother of the groom corsages
• Father of the bride and Father of the groom boutonnieres
• Additional flowers for hair accessories
• Centerpieces for your reception tables
• Arrangements for additional decorating needs

If you want to do flowers on your cake as well, that will add to the list.

Choosing the right flowers

Your color choices for your wedding as well as the time of year you will be getting married will be the two major factors in in the flowers that you will be able to pick from.

If you want to use specific flowers, they have to be in season in order to be used. If they are not in season…they may be able to be ordered from somewhere else, but that can get expensive.

Keep in mind that some flowers are poisonous, such as Calla Lilies. So if you are looking to include flowers on your cake, be sure to take that into consideration!

Coming to your meeting with your florist with pictures of the types of bouquets that include your color scheme will be extremely helpful if you have certain look you want.

Local florists

I am working with Harmon Barton's, which is located on Brown St in Westbrook, ME. They are great to work with, easy going and full of ideas. They also helped me stay in budget and provided me ideas to help lessen the cost.

There are three other wedding florists that I would recommend as well:

• Vose-Smith Florists which are located on Forest Ave in Portland, ME.
• Dodge the Florists which are located on Brentwood St in Portland, ME.
• Ann's Flower Shop which is located on Millet Drive in Auburn, ME.


• Shop around to find the right price that works for you.
• Flowers are going to use up a large part of your budget.
• Be open-minded about the flowers that are used in case your favorites aren’t in bloom or they are so expensive that you could be more reasonable by using an alternative flower.
• Having an outside wedding may allow you to forgo additional floral arrangements for decorations.

Tidbit: Silk flowers can be just as beautiful as real flowers; don’t be afraid or ashamed to use them!

Maine Wedding Florists, create your listing here!

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