Maine wedding transportation to get you from he-ah to they-ah!

You have organized the most incredible transportation may be needed to get you around town.

How are you and the rest of the party getting there?

I have a few recommendations for you below. At the bottom you can review other listings that have been submitted!

Update for July 4, 2011: Maine wedding business owners see how you can advertise here free!


The two resources that I know have trustworthy reputations are:

• Lilley's Limousine located in Scarborough, Maine.
• Maine Limousine Service located on Main St in Kennebunkport, ME

Remember that some coordination will be needed after the reception for those that are riding in the limousine.

You might need to do some car shuffling or hooking people up with car-pooling for rides home afterwards.

Horse drawn carriage

Imagine arriving to your garden wedding in a horse drawn carriage!

There are two companies that I know of that offer horse drawn carriage services:

• Rockin' Horse Stables located on Arundel Rd in Kennebunkport, Maine and they will travel to places in both Maine and New Hampshire.
• CHF Carriage Company located on Leach Hill Rd in Casco, Maine and they serve the local surround towns around Casco.


• Car rentals are another way to go if you want something just for two to four people. Rent a fun sports car for instance.
• Limousine companies sometimes book out as far as a year and half in advance, so book early!
• Companies that own their own limousines are better to deal with since they are more likely to take care of them.
• Pricing is general by the hour and the clock starts ticking as soon as the driver leaves the base, so try to get a company this is close to where your wedding is.

Tidbit: Not everyone hires a limo or other service, if your budget doesn’t allow for this…don’t worry about it!

Maine Wedding Transportation Companies, create a listing here!

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