Jewelry metals, what's the difference?

There are a few jewelry metals that are popular for wedding rings...

White Gold
Yellow Gold
Stainless Steel

For women, the biggest hits are White Gold and Platinum. Platinum can be very expensive though. I didn't want him spending an arm and a leg just for my engagement ring when we wanted to buy a house I was perfectly accepting of a ring made of White Gold.

White Gold and Platinum look almost alike...they are both "white" metals. However, white gold does actually "yellow" after a while. They use Rhodium plating over the gold to help keep its "white" color. Where my fiance bought my ring I can go once a year to have it re-plated for free.

Gold in general is very soft, so does scratch very easy and will bend if hit on something hard.

For guys are a bit more easy going...that is if you will even wear a ring! I have to say I (and my fiance) are old fashion in this aspect...we both feel it is appropriate that a man wears a wedding ring.

I have to say the I LOVE the look of the Titanium, Tungsten rings and even Stainless can get some really interesting looks and they are so tough. This comes in handy when you havea man that works in an industry where his ring could get scratched easily or bent.

Amazingly enough...rings made with these metals are less expensive compared to a same size ring made with gold.

Just think ladies, that takes away the excuse "I can't wear a ring because it will get ruined due to the work I do"!

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