No fail method for packaging wedding invitations!

You will be packaging wedding invitations quickly with ease in no time at all!

Being organized is KEY!

Step 1

Get all of the different parts to your wedding invitation package separated out into different piles.

• Inner envelopes
• Invitations
• Reception cards
• Reception card envelopes
• Tissue paper
• Directions, pew cards, reception cards (if needed)

Step 2

Match a response card with the lettering facing you to a response envelope by sliding the respond card fold side in just under the flap of the response envelope. Repeat this until you the number needed.

Step 3

Create a production line and assemble the parts in order as follows:

• Place a wedding invitation down in front of you face up.
• Place a piece of tissue paper down on the left side along the fold.
• Place a response card/response envelope set onto the tissue paper.
• Place one copy of extra information like maps, pew cards, ceremony cards and such on top of the response card, again lettering side up.
• Place the whole invitation package into the inner envelope with the lettering facing the back flap and the folded side leading in first. Do not seal this envelope if it does have adhesive on it.
• Place the package face down on the table.

Repeat this process for the rest of your envelopes keeping them in order as they are assembled.

Make sure to keep proper etiquette in mind when addressing wedding invitations.

Step 4

Prepare your invitation for mailing as follows:

• Write the address on the outside envelope.
• Place the envelope face down on the table.
• Repeat this process until all outside envelopes are addressed.
• Flip your pile of invitations over and place a stamp on each envelope.
• Now match up the inner envelope with the outer envelope and place the inner envelope into the outer envelope with the names facing the flap of the outer envelope.
• Seal the envelope.
• Repeat this process until all the inner envelopes are in the outer envelopes.
• Add your return address on the back of the outer envelope on the flap of all of the invitations.


• Assign each invitation a secret number that matches to the number of the person on your guest list by writing the number on the back of the response card. This will allow you to know exactly whose response cards are back in case someone forgets to write their name on it.
• Make sure that you know how much it is going to cost to mail your invitations. You can check with your local post office by taking a completed invitation package to them and have them weigh it. Just to make sure whether one stamp will cover it or if you will need two or more.
• Use a Q-Tip or ear swab moistened with water to wet the adhesive on your outside envelopes, it saves time and no licking!• Everyone gets an invitation even your bridal party and parents.

Tidbit: They won’t come if they don’t know they are invited!

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