What do wedding attendants do anyway?

Your wedding attendants surround you with support and complete your wedding party.

Some of your attendants will help you out with your pre-wedding tasks…which is great since there is a lot to do.

First, the list of wedding attendants:

• Flower Girl
• Bridesmaids
• Maid of honor
• Best Man
• Groomsmen
• Ring bearer

Who does what?

Flower girl – usually is a little girl and she either walks down the aisle just carrying her basket or she can actually spread petals for the bride to walk on as she walks down the aisle.

Bridesmaids – They will pay for their own dresses and help organize the bridal shower. They also will help with the shopping and wedding preparations.

Girls that are under the age of 18 typically are referred to a Junior Bridesmaids.

Maid of honor – Stands closest to the bride and will sign the wedding certificate as a witness. She also helps arrange the bride’s dress, holds her flower arrangement and groom’s ring until it is needed during the ceremony.

Prior to the wedding she helps the bride with addressing envelopes, keep track of wedding gifts, shop and take care of other pre-wedding duties. Usually she will arrange the bridal shower with your other bridesmaids.

Best Man – The best man is the organizer of the infamous bachelor party! Along with that he will drive the groom to the ceremony and hold the bride’s ring until it is time to exchange rings. He will also sign the wedding certificate as a witness.

He will also be in charge of getting the payment to the Officiant either before or after the ceremony. He may also help take care of facilitating the payment of other vendors as well. This way, the groom doesn’t have to worry about it.

Groomsmen – They will rent their own tuxedos or suits. They will get to the ceremony venue early to help set up and be sure to help with whatever is needed. They are the gentleman to seat your guests.

They will take care of making sure the wedding gifts get from the reception venue to your house or another designated location.

Ring bearer - usually is a little boy and he walks down the aisle carrying a pillow that contains the rings that will be exchanged during the wedding.


• Usually you will have the same number of bridesmaids and groomsmen, but you don’t have to. The key roles in your wedding party are the Maid of honor and the Best Man.
• If you are having a small wedding a Maid of Honor and a Best Man may be all that is needed.
• The typical number of groomsmen needed is one per 50 guests.
• Clearly communicate your expectations of your wedding attendants so each knows what you expect of them.
• Don’t forget the thank you gift for each person in your wedding party. It does not have to be expensive...just a little something to say thank you!

Tidbit: Weddings are stressful so tensions may rise between everyone, take things in stride.

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