Create a wedding budget the easy way!

Creating a wedding budget does not need to be a difficult task. Don’t worry about trying to figure out which percent should go towards a dress, which percent should go towards the reception and so on.

By simply creating a list of expenses that you will be incurring and doing a little research you can attach some estimates to each of the expenses you listed.

After doing your preliminary research and seeing what you came up with for a total for your expenses, you can see how far off you are.

You can make adjustments and concessions on things that are not as important to you to lower the cost. Or, consider different options…you don’t need a wedding dress that is $2000 when one for $200 is just as beautiful and serves the purpose.

Here is a list of some of the major expenses that you will want to consider:

• The wedding rings
• Invitations, thank you notes and any announcements
• Bride’s wedding gown and any accessories
• Fees for your ceremony for location and the Officiant
• Flowers for both the ceremony and your reception
• Photography
• Music
• Reception location, food, decorations, open bar if you choose
• Cake
• Transportation

Other miscellaneous costs such as:

• Marriage license
• Rehearsal dinner
• Honeymoon
• Gifts for your bridesmaids
• Wedding guest book and pen
• Card holder for the cards you receive
• Ring bearer’s pillow
• Basket for the flower girl
• Aisle runner
• Flower petals

There are many other little things here and there that can add up so leave a little extra in your wedding budget for unplanned expenses.

Balancing the budget is a matter of trying to save money in some places and maybe splurging in others that are important to you.

Bottom line is to keep in mind what you can actually afford. You don’t need to give you guests the world. You don’t have to serve scallops wrapped in bacon, caviar, and $100 bottle champagne and open bar if you can’t afford it.

Your guests will be just as happy with cheese, fruit and crackers for snacks along with a nice buffet and a cash bar should they like to have alcohol.

Tidbit:You won’t be shunned for making your guests pay for alcohol! If you would be...are they true friends?

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