Choose your wedding shoes carefully!

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There are a few things that you will want to consider when deciding on wedding shoes.

Your shoes should go with the style of your dress as much as possible. But most of all, you definitely need to be comfortable. You will be in them for a while, so you don’t want blisters and sore feet!

Another thing you will want to consider is where you will be walking...If you are going be getting married on the may want to forgo the high heel shoes and opt for a strappy sandal of some sort.

A few of the common styles are as follows:

Sandals: You can find some beautiful sandals that are very dressy and would look great with your wedding dress. You can either go really strappy, or with some more simple and just slide on.

Peep-toe: These shoes are quite closed in around your toes and most of your foot with just a tiny peek hole for your big toe. You can either get them with a strap in the back for summer or completely closed in for colder climates.

Closed-toe: This is by far, the most classic look. You can either get them so the foot is completely closed in or has a strap in the back to have some openness to them.

In all styles you can go for no heal at all (flats) to a very tall stiletto heel. It is all in what is comfortable for you!

For me personally...I am opting for a flat sandal of some sort because I don’t want to tower over my husband to be. He wouldn’t care...but I prefer that we are eye to eye. Plus...I want to be comfortable!

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